I'm Drea! Geeze I need to explain who I am. Ok I will add more to this later. But if you've ended up on this site in its early stages, here's an outline of the big things: I am from Buffalo NY and currently live in Brooklyn NY.

Studied engineering and art at University of Rochester. I have felt extremely versatile in the application of creativity since a very young age. I have a deep-rooted interest in how light and sound interact and affect human and non-human perception on a microscopic level, and a newfound desire to apply this to ecological art - my intention is to subliminally communicate the gravity of appreciation for the earth required to alter direction from the pattern of mass extinction our planet is currently facing. The world is hyper-connected yet hyper-divided simultaneously, and I intend to host in-person and online interactive exhibitions that challenge thought surrounding some of the more difficult topics we often avoid. Infinite gratitude to you.


[and a quick peek into my past lives]